If you don't come from a rich family
A rich family must come from you

Alex Numeris - Founder & CEO at crypto.ro & orguno.com

From fiat poverty to crypto wealthy: A self-made success story

I share everything for free in one of the biggest crypto academy in the world

Learn how to make safe and profitable investments in cryptocurrencies.



My name is Alex Numeris, CEO at crypto.ro / orguno.com and advisor for newsbtc.com / bitcoinist.com, some of the biggest media platforms in the world.

I joined the crypto space in the begining of 2017, invested in cryptocurrencies for 4 years in a row, on a weekly basis and made life changing wealth that gave me my financial freedom back.


I am now fully dedicated in supporting the crypto adoption worldwide and helping others get their financial freedom back, and be their own bank, for the first time possible with Bitcoin.

I will share my 5 years experience for free in the most comprehensive crypto academy in the world with focus on crypto and blockchain education.



The most detailed cryptocurrency course focused on crypto & blockchain education. You need to educate yourself first in order to master this technology and make money with it.

This is an ongoing online crypto academy with lessons that cover every crypto and blockchain aspect including cryptocurrency transactions, DeFi, NFTs, Gaming and Metaverse.



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Frequently Asked Questions

crypto.ro is the main cryptocurrency platform in Romania.

Our mission is to increase the crypto adoption, and to help as many crypto investors as possible by keeping them educated and informed.

Besides this crypto academy we also run a Podcast series and the Cryptokids project, where we invest in the financial education of our children.

Alex Numeris is a Romanian born entrepreneur & investor known for founding crypto.ro and orguno.com.

He spent is youth life in United States, and relocated to Romania in 2020, where he started multiple startups.

After a successful track of investments in cryptocurrencies, he now wants to teach others how can they become financially free.

To get even the most inexperienced investor get familiar with crypto, and be able to fully understand and master the world of cryptocurrencies.

You need to join this academy for 3 main reasons:

  • First - to access dozens of lessons where you learn about crypto investments
  • Second - to be part of a private filtered community, where everyone has the same focus: to invest and make money with cryptocurrencies
  • Third - To connect and network with Alex Numeris, his team and a network of successful investors & entrepreneurs.

This academy is suitable even for the most inexperienced investors.

Lessons start with the basics of crypto investments and gradually go towards the most advanced and misunderstood sectors of crypto.

The academy is taking place online on our platform, where you can access the lessons at your free will and watch them as many times as needed.

You need to signup first, then you will get an email with all the instructions on how you can access our academy and community.

Some of the benefits of being a member of the crypto.ro academy include:

  • full access to the academy
  • private community
  • premium access to crypto.ro conferences in Europe
  • private events
  • early birds on any crypto projects we might disclose

Even couple of hundreds of dollars every month will be enough to get you started.

Some rules you need to follow when starting to invest in cryptocurrencies are:

  • always invest only what you can afford to lose
  • always DCA
  • create a long term portfolio before exploring trading crypto

Remember: consistency beats perfection

The price of the academy starts at €268/year and will increase every quarter with €133 for new members.

We are starting at a lower price to give the opportunity for early investors to join.

As our community reaches a certain number of members, the price will reach €933 where it can will only increase, but never decrease.

Early or existing members will not be affected, their initial purchase price is lifetime locked.

Yes you can pay with crypto, email us at [email protected]

A crypto-checkout will be posted soon.

30 day refunds available subject to our Terms & Conditions and Refund policy.



Alex Numeris

CEO / Founder at crypto.ro