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I promote the adoption of crypto assets
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More than 300+ international investors

already joined the academy since it was launched. Read their reviews

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I built a company arround
my passion for crypto

In 2020 I founded, a trusted source for crypto knowledge, and grew it to serve millions of investors.

I've since expanded my companies for a global coverage to help as many people as possible to better understand crypto assets.

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More than 300+ international investors

already joined the academy since it was launched. Read their reviews

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As a novice in the crypto space, I was searching for guidance and clarity. Academy provided both. The course content is thorough, insightful, and completely demystified crypto investing for me. I am now investing with confidence.
Academy member
Investing in cryptocurrency used to feel like stepping into the unknown. But thanks to Academy's comprehensive content, I now have a clear roadmap. This course is a must for anyone serious about understanding and profiting from cryptocurrency.
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Alex Numeris

I am Alex Numeris, a Romanian-American investor and entrepreneur.

I began my journey with crypto assets in 2017. From then, my path has constantly been filled with learning about crypto market dynamics and its potential for wealth generation.

Over the years, I've made consistent investments in Bitcoin and various other crypto assets, successfully creating profitable portfolios through numerous crypto market cycles.

Yet, my journey into the realm of crypto has always had a goal bigger than my personal gain.

I am deeply committed to pushing forward crypto adoption. I am driven by the belief that it can provide a key to financial freedom for countless individuals across the globe.

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FAQ is the biggest crypto platform in Romania, which is also available internationally in English, thru global.

Our mission is to increase the crypto adoption, and to help as many crypto investors as possible by keeping them educated and informed.

Besides this crypto academy we also run a Podcast series and the Cryptokids project, where we invest in the financial education of our children. Academy is an online educational platform dedicated to providing detailed knowledge on cryptocurrency investments.

The academy covers a broad range of topics from basic principles to advanced trading strategies, aiming to empower investors to navigate the crypto market confidently.

Alex Numeris is a Romanian-American investor and entrepreneur who is deeply involved in the cryptocurrency space since 2017. With his extensive practical experience, Alex has achieved financial independence through strategic crypto investments.

He is the founder of and serves as a mentor to guide the members towards financial empowerment through savvy crypto investments.

The crypto academy is designed for anyone interested in cryptocurrency investing, regardless of their level of experience. Our modules are structured in a way that it caters to beginners as well as experienced investors.

Beginners can start with our introductory modules, which cover the basics of cryptocurrencies, while experienced investors can delve into our advanced lessons.

As a member of the Academy, you’ll gain access to comprehensive educational content, including beginner to advanced courses, live Q&A sessions, personalized investment strategies, and an exclusive community.

These resources will equip you with the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions in the crypto market. Plus, premium members enjoy early access to new content, priority support, and exclusive discounts.

The academy covers a wide range of topics, from the basics of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to advanced trading strategies. This includes understanding different trading options like spot trading, futures, arbitrage, safely storing crypto, DeFi, NFTs, Metaverse, Gaming, and tokenized stocks among others.

Yes, our course is designed to be self-paced, so you can take your time to understand each module thoroughly. The duration of the entire course depends on the pace at which you go through the modules.